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Sporeshift Mushrooms NZ Caught Selling Illegal Mushroom Spawn

  Posted on 12 July 2021  |    Terry Hitchcock  |    1 Comment

Taylor McConnell of Sporeshift mushrooms NZ has been caught selling illegal spawn on Trademe after our undercover PI purchased it. The spawn labeled as "Blue Oyster" DNA came back as an undescribed new to science species of Pleurotus SP. MPI declined to comment stating the matter is still under investigation.

The spawn has since been pulled from Trademe and the Sporeshift mushrooms website after government officials contacted Sporeshift mushrooms NZ. If anyone should know the importance of getting DNA done it should be Taylor Mcconnell. Mcconnell started a failed givealittle to try and import a blue oyster mushroom back in Ju...

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