Edible Splitgill Mushroom Beautiful Aesthetics

  Posted on 05 April 2020  |    Hyphae  |    2 Comments

Splitgill Mushroom (Schizophyllum commune) 


Firstly It is such a beautiful mushroom, but it is also a silent killer.


As I walked past a tree stump in the shopping area in the central north island of New Zealand I could not help notice the aesthetics of these amazing Splitgill Mushrooms.  As I searched online I became aware that this mushroom is a staple food in Mexico. 
Here it is in a dish from the website that looks to be from Indonesia and I will even give you the recipe link: 
It appears western countries do not eat it so much as it is quite chewy but more research needs to be done especially on the medical side.


This mushroom also comes with risks and I am not sure growing inside would suitable there have been extremely rare cases of people dying from its spores.
A local Wellington, New Zealand woman actually died from it. The fungus grew in her lungs and eventually into her brain. 


Update from the comments on this post:
In Thailand, they commercially grow it