Good Vibes Fungi Sold Illegal Mushrooms

  Posted on 31 December 2020  |    Terry Hitchcock  |    0 Comments

I can confirm that Good Vibes Fungi started their business selling illegal to be in New Zealand undescribed mushrooms and mushroom kits at the markets.

The grow kits they sell today still bear the name "Blue Oyster Mushroom" this is most certainty and confirmed by MPI to be a illegal to be in New Zealand species that Good Vibes Fungi called Pleurotus ostreatus. But New Zealand government scientists studied it and found out it was actually not that species it was an undescribed Blue Oyster species and officially named it a new to science species Pleurotus Sp. You can read more about this here:

Here is a picture of them selling this illegal undescribed species Pleutrous Sp. at the Hawkes bay famers markets they don't even bother to get the photo removed.

Image: Good Vibes Fungi Displaying illegal Mushrooms the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market

The post reads:

The varieties of fresh gourmet mushrooms include; Oyster, Lions mane, Shitake, Wine Cap, King Trumpet, Chestnuts, Morel, Hen/Chicken of the Woods, Reshi and more!

Most surprisingly 6 out of the 8 species mentioned above on the Hawkes bay farmers market website are illegal to be grown in New Zealand. Clearly in the photo there is the undescribed species on sale and a sign reading the heath benefits of the illegal to be in New Zealand mushroom sister species that they carelessly incorrectly named it. One of the species mentioned in the post for the markets can parasite on living tress and will most likely devastate New Zealand native forests. Why someone would mention such dangerous species illegal to be in New Zealand while trying to sell fungi is beside me. 

You would think such a company would at least get the species they are selling identified they could have killed someone, the reason people buy from companies like this is the species they are selling are safe for human consumption. I believe they are still selling a second mushroom cloned from a Chinese block that it is possible but not confirmed (yet) they have also labeled incorrectly and is not what they are selling it as. Even after selling the other undescribed species they are still selling mushrooms that have never been formally identified. 

Image: Good Vibes Fungi Mushroom Growing Kit Purchased Recently

We purchased a native mushroom growing kit that was tattooed with the name  "Blue Oyster Mushroom" on the side that Zane and Kim did not even bother to cover it up with a sticker. It seems they are not even bothered they were selling such illegal species. What a way to start a company.

This Blue oyster species they sold was proven to be a new to science species very illegal to be in New Zealand and mysteriously smuggled in by someone and is most certainly not Pleurotus ostreatus. The owners Zane Gerrie (who has an obsession for crypto currency) and Kimi Knott claims to be heavily focused on sustainable farming practices as she studied permaculture, horticulture and land conservation both declined to comment when we invited them into conversation about this instead Kim Knott actually blocked all the moderators in the NZ Mushroom Growing Group. They both declined to answer any of our questions about how such and illegal undescribed species could have devastated forests and destroyed agriculture. Must I remind you sold by someone who has studied permaculture, horticulture and land conservation

MPI declined to comment stating that the matter has not yet been heard by the EPA. But when we asked if it would be ok to grow it they quickly advised not to cultivate this now confirmed Blue Oyster undescribed species in NZ as is was not legal to do so. 

More to come after the EPA have heard the submissions on this soon.