Henry Kruthoffer Fungus Among Us Aotearoa messages me I want to smash your face in

  Posted on 15 November 2021  |    Terry Hitchcock  |    0 Comments

After asking Henery Kruthoffer from Fungus Among Us Aotearoa if he was aware he could have been sold a culture from Mycolgic in the south island that could be mixed with Asian strains and it would be illegal to sell fruiting bodies as native, Kruthoffer has started months and months long rampage of abuse and harassment via multiple platforms online.

The YouTube has received death threats at the same time from a account that does not revel the owners name. At this stage it can not be linked to Kruthoffer.

After threatening to smash my face in on Facebook Kruthoffer has turned to emails. Kruthoffer also after threatening to smash my face on one faebook message sent on more message with a confidentiality clause saying all message before and after this message are confidential that was confirmed as not legal by my lawyer.

I have contacted the police, tried blocking him on my personal Facebook and my business and now he is using emails to harass me. 

Over 100 times I have asked him to stop contacting me.

Henry claims I will not be free from his harassment until i fight him and he gets to smash my face in.

I have tried contacting his family to se if they could help but his own sister told me to go to the police.

Yesterday I received one more message with the words:

You've publicly used my name and business in the same time I told you not to you idiot. 

So here is my response to Henry.

When all this failed did he turn to black mail after saying he would try and discredit me to 12 various iwi all around the country? He started by sending a email to my local iwi. 

More to come soon...