Did Sporeshift mushrooms make an illegal claim to google?

  Posted on 25 November 2021  |    Hyphae  |    0 Comments

I posted about how sporeshift mushrooms were selling an undescribed species illegal to be in New Zealand on TradeMe on this site and google removed it from search. 

Google have to act as they were legally challenged by Mcconnell. But did Taylor Mcconnell illegally challenge it by supplying false information?. I was also legally challenged from these actions.
Taylor Mcconnell of sporeshift mushrooms sent in an illegal claim to google inc. stating that that was untrue he or sporeshift mushrooms never had done this.
FACT: MPI purchased the spawn from sporeshift on TradeMe, started an investigation, and found it was illegal to be in NZ species. But sporeshift is denying it making illegal claims to google falsely taking down posts.
I have sent a legal request of my own to MPI to publicly release all the information surrounding the investigation as I was personally the complainant.
I have to now since I have been illegally challenged by Taylor McConnell of sporeshift mushrooms to prove he acted illegally.
It is really sad because MPI's hands are tied to being responsible for the covid outbreak and doing an outstanding job while these people just want to import anything and grow it. Did you know MPI actually funds indigenous sustainable food programs and businesses starting in this field?.
But these people are getting out of hand now selling Native species I introduced to them to with the mushrooms that can destroy them and some of them are Taonga.
Meanwhile, the government is desperately trying to move the business into sustainability while the mushroom industry is still pushing itself further backward than it has ever been before all at the hands of cowboy sellers who still do not get thier spoeceis formally indentifed and still to this day sell undescribed speceis to the public of New Zealand.