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Use any of our Pleurotus spawn with this simple masters mix ready-made.

This beautiful substrate named masters mix is the most preferred substrate on YouTube. It packs punch growing oversized mushrooms with soybean hulls (mushroom superfood).

I have done all the hard work and if you are one of those that likes ready prepared meals then it can not get easier with this bag. A definite must for the first time grower. You could buy 10 of them and just one bag of spawn as the substrate is sterilized and you only need a small amount in each bag. You can add the whole bag of spawn and have an extra kilo of the substrate and even more mushrooms. 

You can buy any of the Pleurotus mushrooms spawns and make your own grow bags. DO NOT USE THIS FOR NZ Shiitake. 


Instructions for masters mix medium

  • Boil the jug and hand sanitize the area you are about to cut open.
  • Go outside, snip the corner, and add 2.8 liters of water

You will need to boil the jug a couple of times to get a total of 2.8 liters of water. I first added 1.5 liters and then added 1.3 liters. You are better off doing this outside and make sure you only open the bag to add the water. It is possible a mold spore could land inside the sterile bag and destroy the whole bag at this stage. Be really careful!

  • Leave overnight to cool, not warm but really cool

If you add the spawn when it is even warmish it may kill the spawn.  Make sure you cool it well

  • When it is really cool add some spawn you only need about 50 grams but you can add a whole 1 kg of spawn for more mushrooms

Because the bag is sterile you only need a tiny amount, you could buy 10 masters mix bags and just one bag of spawn that would work fine. 

  • Shake the bag so the bag is mixed and the spawn mixes around the bag
  • Put the bag in a warm spot in winter or just a cool dark place in summer. 

If you leave it in the light the bag will not go all white and it will fruit early giving you fewer mushrooms.

  • Once the bag is all white or if you can see tiny mushrooms growing out make some slits in the bag to let the mushrooms grow out. The more slits the more mushrooms.

You can add many cuts it does not matter like in the video below. If you want a supermassive bunch of mushrooms just cut one hole and the bunch will grow out of there. The mushrooms only come out where there is oxygen. 

  • Put the bag in a wet area like the shower tray

It just needs moist air, if it is raining outside hang on a veranda but do not let the mushrooms get wet. Wet mushrooms get waterlogged and don't last long. Try to spray the walls inside the shower rather than the mushrooms. This will create a wet environment for them and they will grow well. 

There should always be a couple in stock but if you need heaps it may be up to a week's wait.  






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