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Tohatoha kai translated to English is (sharing food) but this grow bag does much more than that. A large native Pleurotus pulmonarius grow bag is sent to the buyer while a smaller grow bag is sent to local marae, community food growing projects, and food banks. 

Every day more and more people in Aotearoa have less and less food, let's empower people to grow mushrooms and grow local food. 

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The bag reads:

Tohatoha kai
Grow 1 million more mushrooms with this bag

1. Leave the bag in the dark until the sawdust is all white.
2. Make an x cut on the front with a clean knife or clean scissors.
3. Place on the shower tray or a really damp place at least until little mushrooms start to grow out.
4. Let the mushrooms grow like the picture below then harvest.
5. The mushrooms are great kai, or the sawdust and fruits can be used to grow more mushrooms.

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on Facebook groups.

There are many people
growing the bag in
many ways to teach
you there.


I also asked iwi if the name "Tohatoha kai" was an appropriate name to use in the "Working with iwi" Facebook group. 



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