NZ Cultures Sale Agreement

Mushroom Cultures, Strains or Products Sale Agreement

All cultures, products, and strains are supplied for personal use only on the understanding the recipient will not seek intellectual property rights over the culture, products, stain or any derivatives from the culture, products, strain or use them or any derivative for the development of commercial products without consulting NZ Cultures. 

1. Description.  Any product containing our mushroom cultures stored in the ICMP purchased through us either on TradeMe, our websites, or in-person is included in this sale agreement. This includes teachers and schools or anyone who is given our products for educational purposes.

2. Limitations. We will endeavor to replace any non-viable or contaminated cultures, strains or products provided we are notified within a reasonable time of delivery.

3. Disclaimer. We are not responsible for how you use these cultures, strains, or products and any affects your use may have on the environment.  We are not responsible for any commercial losses you may occur when using our products or any legal action that you may face from using our products.

4. Ownership. The cultures, strains used in our products are precious Taonga of indigenous Maori people of New Zealand. Anyone seeking to commercialize them must consult with Iwi and NZ Cultures. Anyone who wishes to seek intellectual property rights over the strain or any derivatives from the cultures, strains or products, or use them or any derivatives for the development of commercial products must consult with Iwi and NZ Cultures.

5. Researchers. These cultures and strains are donated to The ICMP and may fall under the terms and conditions of The ICMP owned by Landcare Research. Any researcher wishing to research our products must purchase the culture or strain from Landcare Research New Zealand. Landcare Research has the cultures available for proper researchers for sale internationally. Import papers are needed, NZ Cultures do not directly ship products containing organisms internationally. 

6. Transfer. The recipient shall not distribute, sell, lend or otherwise transfer the cultures, strains, or products or any derivatives to third parties, without written permission from NZ Cultures.

7. Responsibility. The recipient shall not grow endemic or native New Zealand cultures, strains, or products alongside or anywhere near imported cultures, strains, or products. This may cause genetic pollution of our endemic/native strains.