Two Step Growing Bag Instructions

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Step 1

Fill your bag with 2.8 litres of boiled water outside:
You will need to boil the jug a couple of times for this as you need exactly 3 litres of water. Cut a small corner off the big bag, just enough to pour the boiling water into the bag and add the spawn later on. Pour the boiled water (it can be cooled) into the bag. Close off the hole in the bag with a tie. Let the bag cool for many hours, it can not be warm it needs to be room temperature.

Step 2

Add the spawn and shake
Do this outside also. Cut a small hole in the spawn bag corner and try not to let air into the bag. Keep it squashed and tip all the spawn into the big cooled substrate bag. Now close off the bag completely. You could use a hair straightener or a bag sealer or just tie off the whole open part so no air enters the bag.

Where to keep the bag?
The more you handle it the less it will grow so put in a place and leave it there...
The bag will grow better mushrooms and grow quicker at around 18 degrees to 22 degrees. Place in the Hot water cupboard in the dark in winter but it summer it will be really hot. Place in a dark cupboard in the summer.
When do I make cuts?
Go to NZ Mushroom videos YouTube channel and search "cut the bag" for a video

When you see little tiny mushrooms or the bag is fully white take out and make small cuts in the bag to let the mushrooms grow out. Be careful at this stage the bag does not dry up. You could place it in a container just until tiny mushroom start to grow. But when they start to grow the bag needs fresh air so take the lid off.

Where to grow?

Make a humid environment

Keep in a damp place, the bathroom is great for your first go but not recommended for a permanent place to grow. A shower tray it great and you can turn the shower on for a second to raise the humidity in the enclosure.
Spray with a water mister that has never had chemicals in it. The best results have been from boiled, filtered or spring water.
When the mushrooms are ready they crinkle at the edges. Harvest them all.

Second Harvest ?

You may get many more

Place the bag face down into a container of spring or boiled water to suck up the water and re-hydrate.
Make sure there is no water pooling in the bag if the water is at the bottom make holes for it to escape.
Tape up the holes and place the bag back in the hot water cupboard. When you see little mushrooms repeat the steps. Or just carry on spraying and leave in a moist area. Normally it takes three weeks to start fruiting again.

Thank you for helping me preserve our beautiful native mushrooms for future generations :)