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The most researched and first CO2 Bag in New Zealand. 

These bags are perfect for greenhouse vegetables and microgreens. (Outstanding results with Microgreens)

Prop up the bag with the vents near the top of your vegetables or microgreens. Do not puncture the bag. This NZ strain is much more potent than those bags imported from overseas, you will be amazed how little weight is left once the bag is finished. 

The bag lasts well over 3 months, and you can see if the bag is finished when it is no longer white. Best to replace after 3 months because the CO2 decreases after that. Keep the old bag in for extra CO2. Throw it away when no longer white.

These bags actually put out massive amounts of CO2 and are much safer than gas and bottles. Just leave and forget. You will notice the difference in a very short time. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sam Llewellyn
Received in two days

Prompt and efficient thanks
Like the product this is my second order and doubled up this second time around

Ralph Proops
CO2 Bag

Bag arrived superquick and looks good quality. Looking forward to seeing how the veges in the greenhouse respond

Robert Neame

A great product an better than the imported ones,huge improvement and won’t grow without it from now on.thanks NZ cultures!

Terry Fleming
Fresh is best

This bag is great. The co2 bags I have seen in store and online are always old and looked used up and even say that they possibly are in fine print. This one only had a small white spot about 1cm round which has since taken off and spread around the bag so I will actually get my money's worth. Why buy one from overseas that was mostly used up before it even got here when these are made here fresh.

Mitch Waiwiri
Love it

This is a great product for price and availability in nz .easy communication with owner as well.