Pleurotus australis Brown Oyster Mushroom Spawn 1 kg

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This giant Pleurotus australis mushroom spawn is the most prolific available in NZ. I grew out many observations and nothing comes near this culture. This grain spawn grows giant mushrooms unlike any other Pleurotus grain spawn available in NZ.  Our cultures are DNA sequenced by Landcare NZ. 

This is an advanced mushroom to grow and I am yet to grow it successfully on straw (maybe you can beat me). This really is the tastiest oyster mushroom available in NZ. I dropped off a bunch to a vegan restaurant and they could not believe the flavor. It is also a slow mover and takes about a month and a half to colonize on a 2.7 kg bag of 50% soy hulls and 50% wood. Wait until you see mushrooms then open bag and let them grow through. I sent a bag to one of our top scientists and they were not successful at growing it. Once you have it this mushroom will become your absolute favorite.

1kg mushroom spawn, the bag is so big being oats it looks like 1.5kg 

You will not believe how fast our genetics move and how much you will harvest. They will never get tired as they have been cryogenically frozen to preserve their original state. Every couple of years we will wind back the clock and start again. This will keep our genetics as fresh as the day they were first cultured. No other supplier in NZ can offer you such high-quality genetics. 

NZ Cultures genetics are not imported and do not endanger our endemic mushrooms, in fact, they grow in harmony with nature helping to preserve New Zealand's genetics for future generations.



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Looks great in the bag!!

Really healthy spawn and super fast delivery ( literally next day). The spawn seemed of good quality and very well colonized. Still waiting for my substrate to fruit but i am very excited...