Rare Pleurotus pulmonarius Native Grain Spawn 2 Kg

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This is an extremely rare type of Pleurotus pulmonarius also know as the Phoniex oyster from a private island off the coast of New Zealand.  Unlike the oyster found on the mainland of New Zealand, this one resembles P. ostreatus. This mushrooms grain spawn grows much faster than P. parsonsiae giving you much more chances of success. 

This is the most prolific P. pulmonarius in our collection so far and has a much stronger flavour than P. parsonsiae.

No other native culture of P. pulmonarius is like this one it is completely different from the native mainland oysters. A must-have and delicious breakfast mushroom.

Pleurotus pulmonarius culture #11

DNA Verified by Landcare NZ and stored in the international collection of microorganisms of plant pathogens using cryogenics. 

2 kg Oat grains mushroom spawn. Massive packs look more like 3kg.

This mushroom spawn will keep for an extremely long time in your house fridge.  Great to keep a bag in case of an emergency.

Please do not grow native mushroom spawn around imported mushroom spawn it is clear this species is complex so there may be some more new names for these natives coming soon. 

The imported mushroom is completely different but as they are all in the same Pleurotus pulmonarius clade they are interfertile with each other. Genetic pollution is no joke and has taken over many endemic species of NZ, this type of threat can lead to effectively breeding out our own species. If we all play a helping hand then maybe we can preserve these genetics for future generations. 

As always these mushrooms are available to grow for anyone who grows 100% native mushrooms.  NZ Cultures will even certify you so you can display a certificate. You will also be known as "caring for the environment" and can proudly fly the "we care about the environment" flag without polluting the environment with billions of unwanted imported spores.  

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Watson
Love this spawn

Every time i purchase this spawn, its dense, well collineated and extremely successful. Best spawn on the market.

Karl Shaw
Rare pleurotus pulmonarius

Hi guys
Thanks very much for the timely delivery I am about 10 days away from finding out how good it is will let you guys no how things go

Cheers Karl

Chanda Ripley
Fantastic Mushrooms

Wow. absolutely blown away. It’s like you can see them growing very very impressed.

Ellen Schindler
great quality and instant ahipping

all thumbs up

Lucy Pierpoint

Rare Pleurotus pulmonarius Native Grain Spawn 2 Kg