Oyster Mushroom Spawn 3 KG - Sustainable Bucket Strain #111

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The most sustainable mushroom spawn in Aotearoa/NZ? 

 Made from 100% Bio Grow certified grains

 More than Twice as many inoculation points (Small Grains)

 Comes in a biodegradable bag

 Free Shipping all of NZ

 Grows in Freezing Temps (Winter in your back yard)

 Mushrooms are huge in High Temps

This mushroom spawn is made from 100% bio grow certified organic grains, is sold in an OXO biodegradable bag*and is well suited to New Zealand conditions including growing outside all through winter. It is nothing like the tasteless over bread imports, the mixed Asian strains found on the mainland, or anything sold currently. This 3kg size also makes the best use of the couriers.

Most people who eat this mushroom state it is the nicest Pleurotus pulmonarius they have ever tried. It's been growing here for quite some time and is well used to anything this part of the world can give it.

This mushroom spawn was part of a breeding program of hundreds of cultures naturally to try and preserve genetics and make a super strain suitable for growing in buckets. I am happy that 111 is a complete nutter in plastic containers. 

Enlighted Strain #111 is available to all people in New Zealand to feed people with including selling at markets. (NO mushroom spawn sales, and NO sales in supermarkets)

This mushroom spawn will keep for an extremely long time in your house fridge. 

Great to keep a bag in case of an emergency. This product is usually in stock but from time to time there can be 1-2 week delays. 

*Instructions for OXO-Biodegradeable bag. Take off the filter, put the filter in the rubbish bin,  leave the bag in the sun to start breaking it down. Once it starts to break down remove it and place it in the rubbish bin. It will slowly break down after that. 





Customer Reviews

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jarrod edwards

The mycelium is amazing, the spawn looks like fungi fireworks exploding in the substrate. have just put them in my fruiting area. can not wait :)

martin Wedding

very good

Annie Nguyen

Rare Pleurotus pulmonarius Native Grain Spawn 2 Kg

Stephanie Watson
Love this spawn

Every time i purchase this spawn, its dense, well collineated and extremely successful. Best spawn on the market.

Karl Shaw
Rare pleurotus pulmonarius

Hi guys
Thanks very much for the timely delivery I am about 10 days away from finding out how good it is will let you guys no how things go

Cheers Karl