Zipper Filter Mushroom Bag Small - Sac O2 - PP75/SEU2/V18.7-32


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Polypropylene Zipper Filter Mushroom Bag Medium

Finally, mushroom bags from a company working and owned by the biggest spawn supplier in Europe.  Because of these bags spawn can be fully colonized in two weeks. They also do are specially designed to not cause dry out of the spawn. 


  • material: polypropylene
  • film thickness: 75 µm
  • number of filter strips: 6
  • bottom gusset: yes
  • heat resistance: 123°C – 253 °F
  • width: 32 cm – 12.6 inch
  • height: 49 cm – 19.3 inch
  • filling weight: 2.5 kg
  • filling volume: 5 liter

The Zipper Polypropylene Microsac 

The Microsac Filter System

  1. Autoclavable: the bags are guaranteed to endure temperatures up to 123° C or 253° F, making them autoclave proof.
  2. No dry-out zones: contact between filter and substrate is limited, minimizing substrate dehydration under the filter zone.
  3. Flexibility: the length of the bags and the distribution of the filters are adapted to the application and desired gas exchange rate.
  4. Physical strength: the Microsacs are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that the bags remain strong after heat treatment and physical handling.
  5. Development: the Microsacs are constantly tested and improved in cooperation with our sister company Mycelia, ensuring that our products meet large production demand and automation standards. For more information about the working of the filter please visit the Technical Information Page.

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Zipper Filter Mushroom Bag Small - Sac O2 - PP75/SEU2/V18.7-32